A Kuwaiti company, established in 2015 AD, to provide various services to the third sector (charity) and small projects, according to the latest marketing strategies, while adhering to the highest standards of values ​​and quality.


Link is a Creative Marketing Agency which was founded in 2011 and specialized in branding and creating identities for global and local brands, With almost identical views on brands, businesses, and the creative landscape.


A leading establishment in the confectionery industry in Kuwait. We started our journey since 2010, when we decided to offer our customers a different confectionery experience, combining tradition and innovation.


UCHID is a one of the greatest integrated scientific meetings to-date to be nationally launched. They create a center of experience based on the power of sharing real life experience crossing all the barriers between the greatest universities in the country as well as other nearby countries.


Establishment and development of the Lozy store website for eastern and western sweets in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Nafea Learning provides all the necessary tools and books to assist teachers, students, and, children from 1 to +9 years in focusing on their learning and development journey.


Developing Talent company name has been synonymous with people management and people management across Saudi Arabia